The Wayuu tribes inhabit a 16,963-mile territory in common borders within Colombia and Venezuela. Throughout the year, temperatures in the dry and desert territory run between 95°-108° F. Thus their great need for water to sustain their lives. Until ten years ago, the Wayuus that live in the northern sectors of La Guajira, Colombia, benefited from the Rancheria River, a natural resource that has disappeared little by little. Today, where water used to flow, is a sand path for cars and pack animals.

In February of 2015, Juan Rojas, representative of the Guajiros in front of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, reported that in the past three years, 4,770 children have died due to malnutrition and lack of water. The statistics were obtained from a census he conducted on January 2015 among 45% of the population in Northern Guajira.

The majority of Rancherias in La Guajira have their own water collecting system called a "Jaguey" (pronounced 'Haguae'), a man-made pond that collects rain water to be used for washing, bathing, drinking, cooking, and for feeding the animals. (see picture below). The water collected gets muddy and contaminated, therefore the many health issues affecting children. From October 2014 to October 2015, La Guajira region has not seen rain and the Jagueys have started to dry. The recent forecast indicates that the drought will continue until March of 2016. This implies that their only source of water collecting system is being threatened by climate changes, and so are their lives. Join us as we pray for rain in La Guajira.

Through our Water For Life program, we are able to provide bottled and bagged water, Aquatabs water purification tablets, and filters to Wayuu communities in La Guajira who thirst. As we continue to expand our help to other Rancherias in need, we work arduously to fulfill our next goal. Plans to dig a well in a strategic location to benefit several Rancherias in Rioacha have started. Help us dig and give Water For Life to hundreds of Wayuu children and families who thirst and seek relief.


We gratefully accept monetary contributions destined to fund this program.

Due to customs, we do not collect bottled water in the USA. We purchase bagged water only in Rioacha, La Guajira.

We do collect filtration systems, such as Aquatabs and filters.


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We supply water and water purifying products to Wayuu families in Rioacha, Manaure, and Uribia -territories located in the Department of La Guajira, Colombia.