Much help is needed with the preparations for mission trips, events, and conferences. As an Operations team member you can help us with packing food packs, organizing flip flops and clothes by size, packing school supplies, loading the trucks, helping with pick-ups, decorating, printing Bibles in Wayunaiki, printing forms, and data entry.


  • You must be at least 14 years old.
  • You must be able to join us for work at least one day.
  • Youth 14 yrs. to 17 yrs. require a parental permission.
  • Registration is subject to review and approval, based on information provided. Please submit all required information.
  • Once approved, we'll e-mail you an invitation to join us for our next operations meeting. You'll have 48 hours to accept or decline.
  • We'll assign you to an operations group according to the areas of interest chosen by you in this form.

    Our next mission trip is scheduled for the first week of April 2016. Register soon and help us get ready! Please fill out the Operations Registration Form below completely. (*) Required fields.

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    In so rendering any service to AHAVA HOUSE INC., Volunteer expressly acknowledges that all information provided in the Operations Registration Form is accurate and true, and the services are on a voluntary basis without any contemplation or expectation of compensation or benefits of any kind, that no compensation or benefits of any kind will be paid to Volunteer for such services, that there have been no promises of employment, oral or written, and that any company information of any kind or nature that Volunteer learns of or obtains during such services will not be disclosed to any other party or otherwise used by Volunteer, and will be treated confidentially.

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