In partnership with FUNDACION TELEVISTA of Barranquilla, AHAVA HOUSE prepares to embark on our next NO+ Hunger 2016 mission trip to La Guajira, Colombia. This coming month of November we will be once again taking essential food products, water, water filters, medicine, clothes, school supplies, flip flops, and the good news of the Gospel of Jesus to impoverished Wayuu families, focusing on children who are at high risk of malnutrition.

Our team will work three days non-stop in 11 Wayuu Rancherias, where we estimate to see and bless around 600 plus Wayuu brothers and sisters. We will be visiting the territories of Riohacha, Uribia, and Manaure. The Rancherias already confirmed in our shchedule are: Arenalitos, Ipamana, Cari Cari, La Cachaca 2, and Los Recuerdos. We will be updating the list as confirmations come in. Being food the main focus of NO+ Hunger, our goal is to take 626 grocery packs to distribute among Wayuu families that are in much desperate need.

"...The LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace." —Numbers 6:26

We need the help and support of all who believe that poverty is a number one problem in any society struck by hunger, and financial support is needed to be able to fight against its painful and devastating effects. Wayuu families and their countless children who have felt the irreversible and irreparable damages that hunger leaves at its path, testify with their tears and suffering as they bury their children because they had little or no food to nurture their bodies. As messengers of God, we are committed to help these families that need hope and love, but most of all, the peace of knowing that our love is real and their hope is not in vain. Our works of love gives them this peace.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." —Matthew 5:9

Due to customs and many federal Colombian legal regulations, we are not able to ship food items or liquids into the Colombian country. If you are in the US or other country other than Colombia, your monetary donation is appreciated to help us purchase the food items locally in Barranquilla, Colombia, at wholesale prices. Thank you for your support and prayers, and for giving peace!

We encourage you to donate online. But if sending gifts in species or cash, for your security, please make sure you are donating through one of our official representatives in the US:

Maria Davis
Chad Davis

Natasha Bassler

Kimberly Reeves
Mellodie Hunt

Jennifer Edwards

Margarita Juliao


List updated September 3, 2016.


ALIMENTOS QUE RECOLECTAMOS: Arroz, Frijoles, Lentejas, Latas de Atún y Sardinas, Aceite, Harina de Maíz, Pasta, Sal, Galletas, Pan y Panela.

FORMULA PARA BEBE: En éstos Puntos de Recolección podrás encontrar también los productos Krecer, los cuales nos han sido rebajados al 40% del precio original como aporte a nuestra misión. Por solo $45,000 pesos le puedes regalar a un bebé Wayuu la oportunidad de crecer sano con la adecuada nutrición.

OTROS: También recolectamos ropa infantil y juvenil usada y en buen estado, calzado y útiles escolares nuevos o usados y en buen estado.

Donaciones Monetarias y Recolecta de Productos

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Donaciones Monetarias y Recolecta de Productos

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Cra 51 # 80 - 99


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Bquilla Sede Principal

Ricardo Galofre
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