This is your opportunity to do that great next thing... change lives! As a volunteer you will not only have a taste of what Ahava House does to alleviate human suffering,  but you will become an agent of change, love and hope. If you are ready to take part in our next mission trip, event, or conference, register today and let us know you are joining the team!



There are many ways you can volunteer locally and overseas. Our travel team goes on mission trips to La Guajira, Colombia several times a year. From professionals in the medical, construction, and education fields, to individuals who love working in favor of the poor, we welcome all, regardless of age, ethnicity, race, or gender. Our operations team collaborates with the planning and the carry-on of tasks to prepare everything for the mission trips, events, and conferences. Our advocate team helps with on-site and social media promotions, and communications. Find the best opportunity that fits your schedule, talents, abilities, and gifts!